Medical Discovery and Innovation: Altogen Labs Preclinical CRO Services

Altogen Labs Preclinical CRO Services

Altogen Labs (, an Austin, TX based contract research organization (CRO) offers preclinical laboratory services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic researchers worldwide to support and accelerate medical discovery and research studies. Our Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)-compliant laboratory located at 11200 Manchaca Rd, Suite 203, Austin TX offers services for drug toxicology, drug efficacy, drug discovery and new medicine development, specifically supporting preclinical investigation with in vitro and in vivo services including anti-cancer compound screening, IC50 assays, stable-cell line engineering, over 80 validated xenograft models, gene function and expression analysis, in-vivo RNAi and tissue-targeted siRNA delivery, transient and stable transfections of cell lines, engineering of RNAi knockdown celllines, microfluidics-based liposome encapsulation, and cell-based assay development.

Outsourcing preclinical research projects is an effective and efficient means of ensuring that limited time resources are invested proportionately into the highest priority facets of the project. It is our goal to partner with our clients to deliver the most efficient and reliable delivery of products and services to ensure that any research project is progressing at the fastest rate possible, and that all preclinical experiments and data have been rigorously studied and analyzed prior to transitioning into clinical research to ensure maximum probability of project success. Altogen Labs is committed to satisfying our clients’ timely needs while concurrently delivering results of the highest quality and integrity.

Altogen Labs offers in vitro toxicology studies of INDs to characterize the drug candidate’s effects on biological functions and metabolism. Cancer cell lines are used as in vitro models for dose-response studies. Our laboratory houses a large catalog of cancer cell lines to be screened for IC50 values of candidate drugs. Our research laboratory provides IC50 studies by screening candidate drugs against our extensive library of cell lines or against client provided custom cell lines. For in vivo research, Altogen Labs offers xenografting – the method of transplanting human tumor tissue into immunocompromised mice to create a more biologically accurate model to investigate an IND’s effect on tumor activity. Altogen Labs offers consultation to our clients on xenograft model selection. Xenograft studies are GLP compliant and animal handling at our facility is IACUC-regulated.

Our team of scientists is equipped to perform research studies utilizing more than 80 xenograft models including models for brain carcinoma, pancreatic and breast cancer, epidermoid and nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and xenograft studies for melanoma, colon, breast, lung, and prostate cancers. Additionally, over 20 patient PDX xenograft models are also available. Clients employing xenograft studies are provided with detailed experimental procedures, health reports, and experimental data. These studies can be further expanded to include tissue collection, histology, RNA isolation, and gene expression analysis.

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