Xenograft Models

Altogen Labs provides research studies using over 80 xenograft models, including brain carcinoma models, pancreatic and breast cancer xenografts, epidermoid and nasopharyngeal carcinoma models, xenograft studies for melanona, colon, breast, lung, and prostate cancers (over 20 PDX xenograft models are also available).

Altogen Labs validated Xenograft animal models:

Tumor Type: Altogen Labs in-house validated cancer xenograft models:
Brain LN229,  SF268,  SF295,  SF539,  SK-N-AS,  SNB-19,  SNB-75,  U-251 MG,  U87 MG,  U87-Luc
Breast Cancer 4T1,  BT474,  HS578T,  KPL-4,  MCF-7,  MDA-MB-157,  MDA-MB-231,  MDA-MB-453,  MDA-MB-468,  T47D
Colon COLO-205,  CT-26,  DLD-1,  HCT116,  HT-29,  KM-12,  L0Vo,  LS-174T,  MC38,  RKO,  SW480,  SW-620,  WiDr
Gastric AGS,  HS746T,  MKN-45,  NCI-N87,  SNU-16,  SGC-7901
Hepatocellular / Liver H22,  Hepa1-6,  Hep3B,  HepG2,  SK-HEP-1,  SMMC-7721
Leukemia/Lymphoma A20,  DOHH2,  EL-4,  HL-60,  K-562,  Karpas-299,  MOLM-13,  MV4-11,  Ramos,  Raji
Lung A549,  Calu-3,  Calu-6,  H226,  H460,  H1155Huh7,  NCI-H226,  NCI-H1975
Melanoma A375,  A431,  A2058,  B16,  SK-MEL-2
Other FaDu,  HeLa,  SAS
Ovarian OV-CAR3,  SKOV-3
Pancreas AsPC-1,  BxPc-3,  MIAPaCa-2,  PANC-1
Prostate DU-145,  LNCaP,  PC-3
Renal / Kidney 786-O,  A498,  Caki-1,  HEK-293,  Renca
Sarcoma SJSA-1,  S180

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Xenografting is an established research method that involves transplantation of cells of tissue from one species (usually human tumor cells or tissues) into different species (immunocompromised laboratory mice and rats). Xenotransplantation of human tumor tissue into immunocompromised mice provides a more precise model of tumor cells than in vitro studies. Xenografting is the most reliable pre-clinical research technique for testing anti-cancer therapies. According to National Cancer Institute (NCI), only few percent of drug candidates successful in cell-based studies resulted in substantial anti-tumor efficiency observed in animal studies). Altogen Labs performs in vivo xenotransplantation experiments for development of novel medicines (drug development), oncology applications, inflammation, infectious disease, diabetes, immunology, obesity, and pain research. Xenograft experiments are a powerful research tool in oncology, performing a critical task in evaluation of novel cancer therapies as part of the translation from bench to clinic. Researchers utilize these services to identify anti-tumor activity of newly developed therapeutic compounds and to characterize the direct involvement of specific proteins in tumor growth control.

Xenotransplantation studies have been a backbone of oncology research for four decades, and provide an effective research and evaluation environment for novel pharmaceutical compounds. Typically, these studies involve the implantation of tumorigenic human cell lines into immunocompromised mice, providing scientists with an in vivo model of tumor behavior in which to perform experiments including screening of novel cancer therapies, studies of cell behavior, and examination of metastasis. Patient-derived xenografts are a fundamental part of in vivo pharmacological research, aiding in the translation from benchtop to bedside.

Altogen Labs is one of the leading biology contract research organization (CRO) based in Austin, Texas provides years of expert research in xenograft experiments taking advantage of the comprehensive expertise Altogen Labs has developed in the use of human tumor xenografts for research and clinical purposes. Altogen Labs offers a complete suite of laboratory services, including:

  • xenotransplantation study design
  • selection of appropriate cancer model/cell line
  • host animal selection
  • subcutaneous or orthotopic xenografting
  • daily observation of experimental subjects
  • post-experiment analysis, including serum collection and histology


All laboratory studies are performed by experienced personnel in a GLP-compliant and IACUC-regulated facility in Austin, Texas. Please contact us at info@altogenlabs.com, or call 512-433-6177 to discuss xenograft study details.