PCR Cloning: DNA Vector Construction (shRNA)

PCR Cloning: DNA Vector Construction (shRNA)

Altogen Labs offers molecular cloning and subcloning services, DNA sequencing, alignment, and plasmid construction. Customers are welcome to send Altogen Labs the Gene ID/Genbank/Swiss-Prot number, the gene/protein sequence, or a plasmid containing a gene of interest to start the project.

shRNA Design and shRNA Synthesis

Short hairpin RNA (shRNA) refers to a sequence of RNA that has the ability to silence genes in a sequence-specific manner via RNA interference (RNAi). Through mechanisms of mRNA cleavage when in complex with the RISC complex, shRNA can be used to knockdown the expression of target proteins. This technology gives scientists the ability to silence genes in a reliable manner and has the potential for future drug development for such diseases as HIV and cancer.

At Altogen Labs we specialize in the shRNA design and synthesis of shRNA-encoding vector constructs as well as the purification of shRNA encoding plasmid DNA and transfection of shRNA-expressing constructs into cultured cells. Altogen Labs offers a complete service for preparing DNA templates and synthesizing hairpin shRNAs.

In order to successfully knockdown genes, it is very important that multiple vector constructs are designed to target various regions of the gene of interest. There are several criterias to be considered: knockdown efficacy, stability, longevity of RNAi effect, etc.

Altogen Labs offers a library of commercially available vectors for specific applications (shRNA designed to target gene of interest, vectors encoding antibiotic resistance gene for selection, etc). Every construct is validated through sequencing to verify compatibility.

Download Altogen Labs Vector Cloning and Construction Services PowerPoint Presentation: [Download PPT2]


Once we know the details of your project, we can provide you an immediate price quote (contact e-mail: info@altogenlabs.com or call Altogen Labs technical support at 512-433-6177). Please note that experimental details will help us to provide an accurate quote and timeline estimate.

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PCR Cloning:
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