Protein overexpression: Mammalian stable cell line development

Protein overexpression: Mammalian stable cell line development

Hybridoma mammalian cell lines are hybrid cells produced from the fusion of normal cells with myeloma tumor cells. These cells constitutively produce specific antibodies from the primary lymphocytes and have characteristic immortalization. As a result, these cells continuously overexpress target proteins (including monoclonal antibodies) and do not go into senescence. Mammalian cells offer advantages in post-translational modification and protein folding that are crucial in the production of antibodies, recombinant proteins, viral-subunit proteins, and vectors for gene therapy. Other non-hybridoma stable cell lines may be produced with integrated plasmids in the genome that also produce gene-specific overexpression of desired proteins.

Hybridomas (antibody-producing cell lines) and stable cell lines overexpressing specific proteins are costly and vital assets for life science research. The generation of such protein-expressing cell lines can be a challenge requiring extensive cell culture experience and expertise; however, the production of such cell lines is very important to gene therapy, new compound screening, and cancer treatment research.

Stable cell lines have integrated plasmids in the genome that also produce gene specific overexpression of desired proteins (see generation of stable cell lines for more details).

Our scientists bring years of extensive cell biology experience, pre-clinical CRO research, in vivo toxicology studies, xenograft services, teratoma formation, gene expression analysis, liposome encapsulation, and generation of stable cell lines.

At Altogen Labs, we offer development of protein overexpression clonal stable cell lines based on client specifications, all in a timely and cost-effective manner. Isolation and characterization of cell lines ensures our cell lines ideal models for in vitro pharmacology and bioengineering research.

Standard Cell Line Services:

• Cell engineering / stable cell line development
• Construct cloning, and subcloning, pDNA amplification and purification
• Stable transfection, drug selection
• Identification of protein overexpressing clones, colony isolation
• Clonal cell line development
• Characterization of cell line
• Validation of mRNA and protein expression (using qRT-PCR and/or Western blot analysis)

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