Cryopreservation and Cell Banking Service (GLP-compliant)

Cryopreservation and Cell Banking Service (GLP-compliant)


Altogen GLP-Compliant Cell Banking and Cryopreservation Service

Cryogenic storage at ultra-low temperatures is a recognized mechanism for providing indefinite longevity to cells; however, researchers have observed variability in the quality of preserved cells when samples were kept at different frozen temperatures. Generally, liquid nitrogen at -196°C is required to successfully preserve the complex biological structures of a cell and to virtually stop all biological activity.

Use of a single cell line in continuous culture for research or manufacturing purposes can be problematic due to the possibilities of microbial contamination, loss of required characteristics, genetic drift, and overshoot of the finite life span of a cell line. Maintaining separate working cell banks and cryopreserved master cell banks allows the client to utilize a consistent supply of cells with low passage numbers, free from contamination and stable for expression of desired characteristics. Maintenance of a master cell bank is crucial for the development of therapeutic products, through all phases from clinical development to commercial supply.

Altogen Labs complies with regulatory guidelines to ensure that all procedures, practices, and facilities conform to GLP standards. Our GLP-compliant cryopreservation and cell line banking systems provide mammalian cell bank production and all types of associated services. All cell lines are certified free of mycoplasma and bacterial contamination.

Our protocols use suitable combinations of cryoprotectants and cooling regimes to guarantee successful cryopreservation of biological materials, cells, and tissues including stable cell lines, cells for transfusion, umbilical cord blood cells, stem cells, and tumor/ histological cells.

Altogen Labs offers long-term cell storage of cells in a secure, controlled, and monitored environment. Cell banking work is performed within certified Class II laminar flow biosafety cabinets with HEPA filtered air. Cells are grown only in calibrated incubators with ultraviolet (UV) air and water protection. Banks are divided and stored in separate freezers to minimize the risks of a freezer malfunction. Liquid nitrogen levels and freezer temperatures are monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with a special monitoring system. We ensure the security of the storage facility with a fully redundant backup system.

Cryovials can be used to expand a cell population, or can be shipped directly to the client or to a specified third party. We ship cells on dry ice to any destination worldwide.

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