siRNA Transfection and RNAi Cell-based Library Screening

siRNA Transfection and RNAi Cell-based Library Screening

RNAi Library Screening: Genome-wide siRNA and microRNA libraries

In the pursuit of gene functionality, RNAi library screening has become a crucial research tool used to study gene function and comprehensive signaling pathways. RNAi screening has allowed researchers to study the functionality of genes in a cell, both individually and in combinations of up to thousands of genes at a time, by temporarily silencing their expression. This technology is vital to understanding normal biological processes and disease mechanisms, and is a much better screening tool than the permanent silencing that happens in the knockout of genes. RNAi libraries are developed to identify specific genes involved in signaling, biological processes and diseases. Altogen Labs offers siRNA and miRNA library screening, primary (high-throughput) and secondary cell-based assay development, and validation.

One of the major problems faced in the RNAi library screening is the delivery of stable, functioning siRNA, shRNA or miRNA to target cells. At Altogen Labs we have developed and validated highly efficient and optimized delivery systems for over 80 cell lines and over 20 primary cell cultures to provide high throughput shRNA, siRNA and miRNA library screening. The scientists at Altogen Labs scientists bring years of extensive cell culture experience and expertise.

Custom RNAi services include: siRNA Transfection, RNAi cell-based library screening, siRNA/shRNA design, synthesis, in vitro validation, qRT-PCR test of target mRNA knockdown, development of RNAi cell lines, mRNA reduction in tissues, siRNA targeting, chemical modification, cell transfection optimization, siRNA and microRNA genome-wide library screening, RNAi assay development. Altogen Labs offers transient and stable RNAi transfection services based on client individual specifications.

Transient RNAi transfection services include: Design, synthesis, HPLC purification, and annealing of 5 different siRNA molecules targeting gene of interest. siRNAs are tested for gene silencing potency. All siRNAs are tested for gene silencing potency. Two out of five siRNAs are selected and are guaranteed to provide at least 80% mRNA expression knockdown. Transfection conditions are custom-developed for the cell line of the client’s choice. Validation of gene silencing (RNAi) effects is verified by real-time qRT-PCR, testing for mRNA expression level, or Western Blot analysis, determining protein expression level.

At Altogen Labs, we recognize that providing fast delivery of products and services is critical to expediting research. We are committed to meeting our clients’ timely needs while maintaining high quality and integrity. All of our services undergo rigorous QC procedures.

Download Altogen Labs RNAi Services PowerPoint Presentation: [PPT]

Once we know the details of your project, we can provide you an immediate price quote (contact us via e-mail at or call Altogen Labs at 512-433-6177). Please note that experimental details will help us to provide an accurate quote and timeline estimate.

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siRNA Transfection and RNAi
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