RNAi Screen Pathway Analysis: siRNA and microRNA

RNAi Screen Pathway Analysis: siRNA and microRNA

RNA interference (RNAi) is powerful experimental method for specific silencing of genes, and is now an important technology for the elucidation of gene function, as well as gene involvement in specific biological processes. RNAi screening technology (high-throughput siRNA and microRNA library screens) facilitates the identification of novel genes and their regulatory functions, as well as the discovery of a new gene signaling pathways.

Genome-wide library screening produces a comprehensive set of genes involved in cell signaling pathways, and enable secondary screens for more detailed pathway analysis and characterization. With over 30,000 genes in the human genome, simultaneous RNAi library screening of several thousands genes requires robust statistical pipeline and pathway analysis.

siRNA and microRNA Libraries

Altogen Labs offers a number of siRNA and microRNA libraries (including genome-wide and pathway-specific), experimental high-throughput library screening, data analysis and pathway mapping for RNAi knockdown experiments, generating lists of relevant genes, and functional gene association. We use different statistical tests and a range of options for data normalization for identification of siRNAs and a significance analysis for association with biological processes involving target genes.

A number of relevant CRO services are also available: siRNA liposome encapsulation, ELISA and cell-based assay development, in vitro siRNA validation and in vivo siRNA testing (biodistribution, tissue-targeting, xenograft models).

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