RNAi Consulting: Technology Development and Evaluation

RNAi Consulting: Technology Development and Evaluation

Altogen Labs provides RNA Interference (RNAi) consulting services to biopharmaceutical companies and research organizations worldwide. We help clients to move most advanced RNAi research from idea to clinics.

Our clients include RNAi industry leaders and research institutions. For each client we help on every step of the process: laboratory technology evaluation, in vitro and in vivo testing, delivery and stability studies, IND submission, RNAi product development strategy, marketing, and delivery of solutions that ensure value and tangible results.

We are focused on biotechnology RNAi therapeutics commercialization via partnering with venture capital and major biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Our product development strategy focuses on therapeutic applications of RNA-based biomolecules. As the market for RNAi oligonucleotide-based medicines continues to grow, we help our clients to develop and introduce novel RNAi products to the market.

Our consultants assist clients in many ways, including pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo technology evaluation, gene silencing therapeutic effect testing, technology characterization, biomedical RNAi grant writing and reports preparation, marketing, developing strategies for filing FDA applications.

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Contact us at info@altogenlabs.com or call Altogen Labs technical support: 512-433-6177

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RNAi Consulting:
Technology Development and Evaluation

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