Liposome Encapsulation Services: siRNA, miRNA, DNA, Proteins

Liposome Encapsulation Services: siRNA, miRNA, DNA, Proteins

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Liposomes are made of phospholipid molecules capable of encapsulating various types of oligonucleotides within the liposome aqueous core. Liposomes can be used to protect cargo molecules (e.g., DNA, RNA, or protein) in vivo and enhance delivery of cargo molecules into cells both in vitro and in vivo.

Liposomes are an established technique for pharmaceutical formulation, and can be administered topically, orally, or via pulmonary or parenteral routes. In addition, liposomes may overcome solubility issues for difficult-to-formulate compounds. Difficult-to-deliver molecules, such as small-interfering ribonucleic acid segments (siRNA), may be administered as a formulation of liposomes, and preclinical data has recently shown the effectiveness of siRNA in liposome formulations. Liposome encapsulated formulations aid in intracellular transport of target substances and may aid delivery of drugs to specific cells or tissue targets.

Altogen Labs offers encapsulation of any charged molecules (e.g., mRNA, siRNA, shRNA, microRNA, plasmid DNA, protein) into either one of several standard liposome formulations (PC : Cholesterol and DSPC : Cationic Lipid : PEGylated Lipoid : Cholesterol) or a custom liposome formulation. Microfluidization (microfluidics), extrusion and sonication methods are available to generate liposomes of a defined size (from 50- to 400-nm particles). The client is required to provide at least 0.1 mg of material for liposome encapsulation.

Altogen Labs provides liposomal encapsulation of siRNA, shRNA, microRNA, mRNA, protein, and plasmid DNA molecules. Liposomes are artificially manufactured vesicles, composite of phospholipid structures that can be made to encapsulate various types of molecules within the aqueous core of the liposome. Liposomes are used to efficiently deliver cargo molecules (such as siRNA, mRNA, DNA, RNA, protein) into cells in vitro and in vivo. Liposome encapsulation enables intracellular transport and delivery of pharmaceutical drugs to specific cells and/or tissue targets.

Altogen Labs offers pioneering life science research services, including a number of pre-clinical studies, microorganism identification, development of stable cell lines, in vivo siRNA delivery and complete A-to-Z RNAi gene silencing services: gene targeting, siRNA synthesis, functional in vitro validation, siRNA encapsulation, in vivo siRNA protection and tissue-targeted delivery. Altogen Labs provides the highest quality CRO service at the lowest price for scientific research for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and academic institutions.

Our quotes for price and timeline are based on your project’s unique experimental details. Please contact us for an immediate price and timeline estimate at or call Altogen Labs at 512-433-6177. Please note that experimental details will help us to provide an accurate quote and timeline estimate.

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