Cell Banking Services

We provide cell banking services, including temperature controlled storage and maintenance of biological materials, such as cell lines, tissues, and DNA samples that are commonly used in scientific research, drug development, and clinical applications.

Cell Banking Services, Cell Growth and Cryopreservation

Our GLP-compliant cell line banking systems provide the stable mammalian cell population required for production, assurance that a uniform population of cells is preserved, cell integrity is maintained, and cells are readily available per customer request.


Altogen Labs maintains our cell line banks in a secure, controlled and monitored storage environment. Cell banking work is performed within certified Class II laminar flow biosafety cabinets with HEPA filtered air. Cells are grown only in calibrated incubators with UV air and water protection.

Quality Control

Altogen Labs’s cell-banking process is GLP-compliant, with established SOPs and associated cell line batch records. Cell lines are certified to be free of mycoplasma or bacterial contamination

Cell growth and Cryopreservation

Altogen Labs performs cell expansion to manufacture a cell bank using standard T-flasks, roller bottles, shake flasks, and cell factories. Our cryopreservation service is performed in a monitored liquid nitrogen system. We can ship the cell bank on dry ice directly to the client worldwide or to a specified third party.

Cell banking services play an important role in facilitating scientific research and drug development by providing a centralized and controlled repository of biological materials that can be used for various research applications. Cell banking services commonly include the following:

  1. Cell line creation: Cell banking services may include the creation of new cell lines from patient-derived samples or from other sources. This can involve various techniques, such as isolation, characterization, and immortalization of cells.
  2. Cell line authentication: Cell banking services may also include cell line authentication to ensure that the cells being used are genuine and have not been misidentified or contaminated.
  3. Cell line storage: Once created, cell lines can be stored in cryogenic conditions, such as liquid nitrogen, to maintain their viability over long periods of time. Cell banking services may include storage facilities that provide the optimal conditions for long-term storage and recovery of cell lines.
  4. Cell line distribution: Cell banking services may also involve the distribution of cell lines to researchers and institutions for use in various applications, such as drug discovery, toxicology, and cell-based assays.
  5. Quality control: Cell banking services include provide quality control measures to ensure the viability and authenticity of the stored biological materials. This involves regular testing and monitoring of the stored materials to detect any changes or contamination.
  6. Regulatory compliance: Cell banking services may also be required to comply with various regulations and guidelines, such as those established by regulatory agencies, to ensure that the stored biological materials are safe and suitable for use in research or clinical applications.

At Altogen Labs, we recognize that providing fast delivery of products and services is critical to expediting research. We are committed to meeting our clients’ timely needs while maintaining high quality and integrity. All of our services undergo rigorous QC procedures.

Once we know the details of your project, we can provide you an immediate price quote (contact us via e-mail at info@altogenlabs.com or call Altogen Labs customer support at 512-433-6177). Please note that experimental details will help us to provide an accurate quote and timeline estimate.