Validated preclinical xenograft models for in vivo efficacy testing of INDs

Altogen Labs provides validated preclinical xenograft models for in vivo efficacy testing of Investigational New Drugs (INDs). These research services are conducted under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) standards. The xenograft models are rigorously validated to ensure reliable and reproducible results. Altogen Labs offers a wide selection of validated CDX and PDX xenograft models, including many metastatic and syngeneic mouse models:

BrainLN229,  SF268,  SF295,  SF539,  SK-N-AS,  SNB-19,  SNB-75,  U-251 MG,  U87 MG,  U118,  U87-Luc
Breast Cancer4T1,  BT474,  HS578T,  KPL-4,  MCF-7,  MDA-MB-157,  MDA-MB-231,  MDA-MB-453,  MDA-MB-468,  T47D,  HCC1806,  HCC1954,  ZR-75-1
ColonCOLO-205,  CT-26,  DLD-1,  HCT116,  HT-29,  KM-12,  LoVo,  LS-174T,  MC38,  RKO,  SW480,  SW-620,  WiDrHTC15
GastricAGS,  HS746T,  MKN-45,  NCI-N87,  SNU-16,  SGC-7901,  SNU5
Hepatocellular / LiverH22,  Hepa1-6,  Hep3B,  HepG2,  SK-HEP1,  SMMC-7721,  HUH7,  SNU-398
Leukemia/LymphomaA20,  DOHH2,  EL-4,  HL-60,  K-562,  Karpas-299,  MOLM-13,  Ramos,  Raji,  MOLT4,  Daudi,  Granta519,  H929,  OPM2,  RL
LungA549,  Calu-3,  Calu-6,  H226,  H460,  H1155,  Huh7,  NCI-H226,  NCI-H1975,  DMS273,  LL2,  NCI-H522
MelanomaA375,  SKMEL28,  A431,  A2058,  B16,  SK-MEL-2,  LOX-IMV1
OtherFaDu,  HeLa,  SAS,  8505C,  ECC1,  FTC238,  MFE280,  MSTO211H,  NTERA2,  SW780
OvarianOV-CAR3,  SKOV-3,  TOV-21G
PancreasAsPC-1,  BxPc-3,  MIAPaCa-2,  PANC-1,  Capan1
ProstateDU-145,  LNCaP,  PC-3
Renal / Kidney786-O,  A498,  Caki-1,  HEK-293,  RencaG401,  RXF393
SarcomaSJSA-1,  S180,  HT1080
Validated xenograft models | Altogen Labs

Altogen Labs is a GLP compliant preclinical research laboratory with extensive experience in creating CDX and PDX xenografts, syngeneic / allograft models, and metastatic xenograft models. Our services are not limited to the cell lines listed above – we are a biology CRO company and we can use any commercially available animal model with any tumorigenic cell line. Our animal facility was established in 2009 and offers a number of IACUC regulated and GLP compliant preclinical research services. Our main focus is immunocompromised xenograft animal models (mouse). Most work is performed on contract basis and 100% of IP belong to the client.

We have worked with a number of tumorigenic cell lines and had very good results in terms of both tumor take as well as functional tumor growth inhibition by experimental compounds. Note that immunocompromised animals and associated care are expensive, requires approved IACUC protocol, veterinary services, certified barrier animal facility, clean room, and associated QA/QC. We offer both preclinical efficacy (xenograft) and safety (Pharm/Tox) studies. Both GLP and non-GLP services are available, however please note that the GLP services are ~2.5-3 times more expensive and takes ~3-4 times longer to complete. Altogen Labs has been offering preclinical research services for cancer research since 2009. The portfolio of validated xenografts includes over 120 in-house validated CDX and PDX models (list of validated CDX xenograft models).

Altogen Labs is a biotechnology company that specializes in providing molecular biology services to clients in the life sciences industry. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and has been providing research and development services since 2009. Our services include spectrum of biology CRO and preclinical research services. We specialize in GLP compliant nonclinical research services, including safety and efficacy studies for Investigational New Drug (IND) applications, technology validation, patent application, and regulatory submissions. Our laboratory is located in Austin, Texas and has been certified according to the standards of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).