Array of Lung Cancer Xenograft Models for Cutting-Edge Oncology Research

Altogen Labs, a preclinical CRO laboratory, has announced the validation of a comprehensive array of 10 lung cancer xenograft models. These models are essential for testing in vivo efficacy of novel therapeutics against lung cancer, elevating the prospects for significant advances in the diagnosis, understanding, and treatment of primary lung carcinoma. Less than 20% of new lung cancer drugs that are effective in vitro are also effective in vivo (Cancer Cell, 2017). An array of lung cancer xenograft models can significantly improve the chances of a new lung cancer therapy being successful in humans, fewer therapies will fail in clinical trials, and more effective and less toxic lung cancer drugs will be developed. Altogen Labs offers several PDX models and 10 in-house validated lung cancer xenograft models, including A549, H460, H226, NCI-H1975, DMS273, LL/2, Calu-3, Calu-6, H1155, and NCI-H522. These xenograft models are derived from human lung cancer cells and are implanted into immunocompromised SCID mice (subcutaneous or orthotopic). These models are used to predict which therapies are most likely to be effective and safe in humans. As a result, fewer patients are exposed to ineffective or harmful therapies.

Lung cancer is the third most diagnosed cancer and is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. In the U.S., only 17.4% of those with lung cancer live beyond five years, a rate lower than many other cancers. In preclinical research, CDX and PDX xenograft models stand as the benchmark for testing the effectiveness and safety of new lung cancer treatments. These studies are fundamental for evaluating novel pharmaceutical compounds in vivo, allowing researchers to study tumor behavior, screen new cancer therapies, and examine metastasis. Altogen Labs array of lung cancer xenograft models provides a rich platform to capture the heterogeneity of lung cancer, reflecting its morphology, genetics, and stage-specific phenotypes.

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