Altogen Labs Microorganism ID: Bacteria Identification Service

Altogen Labs, a preclinical contract research laboratory, announced its launch of microorganism ID bacteria identification service. Microorganism identification and bioinformatic sequence characterization services are available for all types of bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, soil, animal, and microbial samples for both R&D research studies and clinical applications. Microorganism identification service is designed to support and accelerate… Continue Reading

Altogen Labs Company Profile

Altogen Labs, a GLP-compliant laboratory located in Austin, Texas (USA), provides pharmacology and biotechnology contract research services worldwide. Company offers innovative life science research services, including bioremediation, pyrosequencing, and a variety of pre-clinical studies, development of stable cell lines, in vivo biodistribution, and RNAi gene silencing services: gene targeting, siRNA synthesis, chemical modification, functional in… Continue Reading