RNAi Manufacturing and CRO Services

RNAi Manufacturing and CRO Services

siRNA and shRNA Design and Synthesis

Sequence-specific gene silencing (RNAi) through the use of siRNA and shRNA has become a vital experimental tool in the study of gene function and genetic involvement in disease and cell signaling pathways. At Altogen Labs, we provide complete siRNA design, synthesis, and chemical modification services, as well as service for preparing DNA templates and synthesizing hairpin shRNAs. Purification of the resulting shRNAs and preparation for transfection into cultured cells are offered as well.

Also available: custom siRNA libraries, RNAi manufacturing, quality control QC validation, and cell-based assay development services.

mRNA Amplification

Altogen Labs uses the T7 promoter (tagged polydT) primer for priming first strand cDNA synthesis. Double-stranded cDNA is used as a template for in vitro transcription. In addition to standard ribonucleotides, company scientists also incorporate modified nucleotides (e.g., aminoallyl-UTP) to produce labeled RNA probes. The resulting ribonucleotides can then be used to amplify the original mRNA more than a million fold. RNA is also purified and prepared for all additional applications.

Gene Knockdown by shRNAs

Altogen Labs offers gene knockdown services and quantitation of shRNA-induced RNAi in vitro and in vivo. Our standard service include shRNA design, construction, and sequence confirmation of the shRNA vectors, synthesis of the SYBR-labeled qPCR primers for quantitation of target mRNA expression, transient shRNA transfection, and gene expression analysis by qPCR at 24, 48, and 72 hr post-transfection with associated Western blot analysis at 48 and 72 hr timepoints. Altogen Labs guarantees 80% or more inhibition of target gene expression (% mRNA knockdown, or gene silencing).

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RNAi Manufacturing and CRO Services

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