Biology CRO Contract Research Services to Accelerate Preclinical and Oncology Research Studies

Altogen Labs, a CRO laboratory located in Austin, Texas (USA), provides preclinical pharmacology and oncology contract research services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research institutions worldwide. Company scientists bring years of experience and expertise in life science and drug discovery research services.

Altogen Labs offers GLP-compliant research and development services that include preclinical trials to assess the toxicity and pharmacological activity of investigative new drugs, PK and PD studies, tumor xenograft models, ELISA assay development, stable cell line generation, and other in vitro and in vivo pharmacology/toxicology research services. To accelerate oncology drug development Altogen Labs offers proof of concept and mechanism of action studies, developing strategies for more rapid IND regulatory approval.

By offering RNA Interference (RNAi) gene silencing services, Altogen Labs provide clients A-to-Z complete solution for development of RNAi therapeutics. Gene silencing in vivo and in vitro services include the design and development of functional siRNA, shRNA, and miRNA oligonucleotides, synthesis and liposome encapsulation, gene targeting, siRNA transfection and tissue-targeted RNAi delivery, development of stable RNAi cell lines, gene expression analysis and quantification of mRNA knockdown, in vivo biodistribution and xenograft testing.

About Altogen Labs

Altogen Labs is a contract research organization (CRO) providing laboratory research and development services. Altogen Labs services include preclinical research studies, oncology CRO, toxicology IND studies, in vivo biodistribution and xenograft models.  Altogen Labs is headquartered in Austin, TX . For more information, please visit or call us 512-433-6177.