Altogen Labs Microorganism ID: Bacteria Identification Service

Altogen Labs, a preclinical contract research laboratory, announced its launch of microorganism ID bacteria identification service. Microorganism identification and bioinformatic sequence characterization services are available for all types of bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, soil, animal, and microbial samples for both R&D research studies and clinical applications. Microorganism identification service is designed to support and accelerate patent applications, genotypic bacterial identification, microbial ID testing, novel microorganism discovery, and bacteria detection.

This service helps identify the microorganisms present in samples of soil, marine environments, isolated bacteria, clinical samples, yeast, and fungi, as well as periodically establish the authenticity of cultures by detecting contamination of stock cultures. The 16S rDNA-based protocol established by Altogen Labs enables identification of over 5,000 species of bacteria and various other microorganisms present in environmental or clinical samples. Identification is performed on a genus level to enable species and strain identification and to establish similarity of the identified microorganisms to other known species/strains. Altogen Labs ribosomal RNA gene sequencing approach is based on over 100 primer sets and provides improved bacterial identification and aids in discovery of novel bacteria, especially bacteria that cannot be identified by conventional phenotypic methods or are refractory to biochemical identification – an important concern for both environmental samples and clinical specimens.

DNA sequencing is currently the most accurate and reliable method for identifying microbes in both environmental and clinical samples. Application of this technique can be used to establish contaminant identity in water or fuel samples. Similarly, it can be used to establish bacterial identity in clinical specimens. Altogen Labs provides sequencing and bioinformatics expertise, personalized service and rapid turnaround time. Bacterial identification service has important applications in several industries, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, agricultural, and legal, in which the exact ID of microorganisms results in expediting IP filing date, clinical processes, and basic science research.

About Altogen Labs

Altogen Labs CRO is a GLP-compliant contract research laboratory that provides custom research and drug development services. Altogen Labs performs preclinical studies to support investigational new drug applications (IND), new drug applications, and other international submission requirements ranging from efficacy and safety testing to analytical studies. Our biology CRO services include in vivo toxicology and biodistribution, IC50 and PK/PD studies, xenograft animal models, stable cell line development, cell banking and RNAi services.