Genome-wide siRNA and microRNA High-throughput Screens

Genome-wide siRNA and microRNA High-throughput Screens

Altogen Labs provides genome-wide siRNA and miRNA (microRNA) high-throughput screens (HTS) for RNAi research. RNAi HTS technology enables researchers to simultaneously screen thousands of loss-of-function genes and identify the association of genes with their corresponding biological phenotypes. The powerful new technology of whole-genome RNAi HTS has produced enormous amounts of data that has accelerated biological research, gene function studies, and medical discovery.

At Altogen labs we focus on gene target discovery to identify potential targets for therapeutic treatment and compound inhibition as well as target novel proteins involved in disease pathways. Our scientists bring years of extensive cell culture experience and expertise in the research and development of novel drugs and companion diagnostic tests. While working with Altogen Labs you can be confident that comprehensive analysis of data collected during genome-wide HTS will be fully examined and validated to determine the most promising therapeutical targets.

Inducing gene silencing (RNAi) in cell lines is powerful research approach to study gene function. Altogen Labs provides a number of RNAi services: RNAi assay development, in vivo siRNA synthesis, encapsulation, and administration, siRNA transient and shRNA stable transfection, RNAi cell-based library screening, siRNA/shRNA design, synthesis, in vitro validation, qRT-PCR test of target mRNA knockdown, development of RNAi cell lines, mRNA reduction in tissues, siRNA targeting, chemical modification, cell transfection optimization, siRNA and microRNA genome-wide library screening.

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Once we know the details of your project, we can provide you an immediate price quote (contact e-mail: or call Altogen Labs technical support at 512-433-6177). Please note that experimental details will help us to provide an accurate quote and timeline estimate.

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