Research Articles (PDF) and PowerPoint Presentations (PPT) :

Download Altogen Labs PDX Services Article: [Download pdf]

Download Altogen Labs Article: “Xenograft services for drug development of anti-cancer therapeutics”: [Download pdf]

Download Altogen Labs Article: “In vivo imaging services for drug development and biodistribution studies: Example of orthotopic glioma xenograft animal model”: [Download pdf]

Download Altogen Labs Transfection Reagent Comparison Article: [Download pdf]

Download Altogen Labs’ In Vivo Xenograft Services PowerPoint Presentation: [Download PPT2]

Download Altogen Labs Encapsulation Services PowerPoint Presentation: [Download PPT2]

Download Altogen Labs In Vivo Toxicology Services PowerPoint Presentation: [Download PPT2]

Download Altogen Labs ELISA Assay Development PowerPoint Presentation: [Download PPT2]

Download Altogen Labs Teratoma Formation Services PowerPoint Presentation: [Download PPT2]

Download Altogen Labs Stable Cell Line Development PowerPoint Presentation: [Download PPT2]

Download Altogen Labs RNAi Services PowerPoint Presentation: [Download PPT2]

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