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Altogen Labs Xenograft Services for Drug Development Studies of Anticancer Therapeutics

Altogen Labs announced addition of five new in-house validated xenograft models (4T1, BxPC-3, Calu-6, MDA-MB-468, and PANC-1). This will make a total of 89 CDX xenograft models and 29 PDX xenograft models provided by Altogen Labs. Murine models have been used to investigate human cancer, enabling the discovery and development of new anticancer medicines. Xenograft studies are known as the gold standard for oncology research and the primary means for laboratory evaluation of anticancer compounds in preclinical research and drug discovery. Altogen Labs scientists developed over 100 xenograft models (89 CDX and 29 PDX murine immunocompromised models), as well as over 40 syngeneic models that have been used to investigate human cancer and to examine therapeutic responses to novel drugs in vivo. Company provides GLP-compliant contract research (CRO) services using any of in-house validated xenograft models. Altogen Labs scientists offer support and assistance in choosing the most suitable model for the customer’s experimental needs.

Xenograft studies, over in vitro studies, provide a more accurate and relevant results for both the development of a particular tumor as well as the efficacy of a novel anticancer drug. Profiling a therapeutic agent includes carrying out studies in different tumor types and evaluating efficacy with hematology analysis, histopathology, biomarker screening and pharmacokinetic analysis. These studies investigate gene expression changes, drug efficacy, host longevity, metastases decline, delay in tumor growth and remission of tumor. Altogen Labs scientists possess years of experience and can assist with customizing the services in order to assist with designing the study and selecting the best xenograft model.

Xenograft models are a powerful research tool to determine the ideal drug dosage, treatment schedules and specific routes of administration to optimize the anti-tumor efficacy of an anticancer agent. Altogen Labs performs a comprehensive analysis of tumorigenicity, cancer recurrence, and tumor drug resistance, as well as effectiveness of new drug candidates against different types of malignancies. Altogen Labs xenograft research studies are performed at Altogen Labs IACUC-regulated facility since 2009.

Altogen Labs ( is a GLP-compliant contract research organization (biology CRO) located in Austin, Texas (USA) that provides all types of preclinical research services, including pharmacology and oncology contract research services for pharmaceutical companies, cancer research centers, and biotechnology companies worldwide.

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Altogen Labs offers xenograft services for drug development of anti-cancer therapeutics

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Altogen Labs offers in vivo imaging services for drug development and biodistribution studies: Orthotopic glioma xenograft model

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