Altogen Labs is a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)-compliant laboratory that provides biotechnology research services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic institutions worldwide. Our services include all types of laboratory CRO pre-clinical research, including generation of stable cell lines and tissue culture testing services, IC-50 assay development, in vivo toxicology studies for IND applications, biodistribution studies (rodents) and xenograft animal models, gene expression analysis (mRNA levels by qPCR and protein expression by Western Blot), tissue-targeted in vivo RNAi and siRNA delivery services, transient and stable transfection, development of RNAi knockdown cell lines, anti-cancer compound testing (in vitro and in vivo), microfluidics-based liposome encapsulation (proteins, DNA, siRNA, small molecule), gene silencing and cell-based assay development (apoptosis, cell viability, cell cycle, ATP), microorganism ID and 16S sequencing, bacteria identification and bioinformatic analysis services.

Altogen scientists have years of experience and expertise that includes all types of pre-clinical CRO studies, cell and molecular biology research and development. We provide a wide range of GLP-compliant contract research laboratory services to meet clients' unique needs, including A-to-Z stable cell line development, RNAi and cell banking services. Technical support and quality control teams ensure and support the company’s high-quality products and services.

Altogen Labs offers instant quotes (, or call us at 512-433-6177), comprehensive service packages, and highly competitive prices. We are happy to discuss your experimental details to help generate accurate price quotes and timeline estimates.